Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper and Ink

Have you realized that once you start seriously couponing you start to go through a lot more paper and ink than you used to? Some of the best Qs are internet printables but sometimes you start to wonder if it's worth the cost. Well, it is, if you know where to shop. This week, for example, is a great week to stock up on paper, and to get some ink. For Earth Day Walgreens is refilling one black or color cartridge per person for $1. Awesome! Too bad I turned in my last empty cartridge to Staples for a $3 credit when I was in Miami a few weeks ago. I have a color one I can refill, I guess.

Also, since turning in three cartridges to Staples a few months ago, I received a $9 credit that is set to expire at the end of the month. I was stressing over getting a good deal on something without paying too much shipping (the nearest Staples is 3 hours away, boo!!). BUT, this morning I stumbled upon a great deal on moneysavingmom. This is what I did:

Two cases of Hammermill paper at the sale price: $49.98 (.02 shy of free shipping, but I added a .29 cent (cheapest thing I could find) tape dispenser replacement wheel to bring it to $50.27

$5 off/per box promo code: -$10

Ink recycling rewards: -$9

Total after tax: $33.61

Staples Easy Rewards for paper: $7.58

Staples Easy Rebate: $32.00 (will come in the form of two $16 prepaid Visa cards)

ShopAtHome 3% credit: $1.51

After all the total math: $-7.48

Did I just get paid (essentially) to have 20 reams of paper delivered to my doorstep tomorrow? :O That's me screaming excitedly :)