Thursday, June 10, 2010

Super LAME-O

That's how I feel for totally neglecting my little debt blog. It's not that your layout and colors bother me, little blog, it's that I have two other little babies that can scream a lot louder than you and consequently get more attention. I'm sorry.

Anyhow, I did want to give an update on our pay-off progress. We've had a few little setbacks that were unforeseen to me: new car battery, hub deciding he really does want to learn how to change the oil in our van himself (not really a setback, but I think all the supplies are costing about as much as two oil changes), hub also deciding to go against our moneyless gift pact we made and get us a Vitamix and a Bosch mixer, new (still makes me cringe, but it was sweet) for my birthday and Mother's Day, and also plane tickets for the three of us over two, which was dampened with a few vouchers but still is considered a setback. No more weddings or funerals until our house is paid for (not to mention the student loans), okay family?

In spite of these things we are still making steady progress on the student loans. To date we have paid about 66% off, leaving about 34% left before our pay-off goal of Aug. 31st. It's so nice seeing the numbers go down, but I'll tell you what, it is getting harder and harder to be disciplined with the budget and to find ways to put things off for just a little longer.

I'm keeping up a steady couponing pace and doing surveys and all that jazz, and am prepping myself to try cloth diapering once we get back from our trip (which I am already planning out the ways of getting friends and family to eat in rather than out, in order to avoid the HUGE temptation to spend while on vacation and among peers. I'm thinking I might make a sign to hang around my neck that says, "No, really, I just ate a ton before I came so that it would be easier to not buy anything, because debt free will feel infinitely better than this would taste.")

Man, oh man. The hub says he has everything figured out and on schedule for the pay-off date, but it's still looking like there is more money owed than time left to pay it, but we'll see what happens. I'm not going to lose faith that we'll still hit our mark. Here's to hoping and finding alternatives!!

No, this is not me, in case you had any doubt. I do believe, however, that financial stress and strain will age you a few years ;).