Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going Postal

This past week we've listed a few items on Ebay that we've had around the house that we haven't used in a long time and don't plan on using, such as: 10 fuzzi bunz cloth diapers with inserts (I tried these once on each of the boys and didn't feel like they kept them dry enough, and with how full their diapers are in the morning I couldn't bring myself to have them in them overnight all the time, but they were worth a shot; I'd gotten them at a yard sale from a neighbor in the summer who hadn't used them much, either, some were brand new), a charcoal pea coat I bought last winter just before having Asher (can we say impulse buy? It was big enough to go around my round belly so sans full-term baby inside it turned out to be a little huge, plus I don't really need a wool blend coat out here, heh), two cute pair of toddler shoes that were also a yard sale special but since my boys take so long to walk I figured they probably won't fit Asher when he starts anyway, my Babyhawk carrier that I used a handful of times with each boy and neither of them liked it very much, and another little pair of baby shoes we'd gotten when Shiloh was born. It's so exciting watching your items on Ebay in the final minutes! Nothing really happened with ours, no bidding wars or anything, but it was still nice getting money for stuff we weren't using anyway, and dejunking the house a bit.

So, now to the point: a lot of the items ended over the weekend so the hub headed to the post office yesterday to mail everything. It was PACKED! It's a decent sized parking lot but I ended up taking the boys to the store with me and dropping the hub off, since I knew it was going to be a while.

We went to CVS first, and got some boxes of soyjoy bars and Oust, making a $5 ECB profit. One of my coupons beeped but I didn't want to haggle it with the boys in tow and a billion tourists behind me, so I let it go.

The hub still wasn't even close to being done when we finished so I took the boys to Publix to see about getting some free Wonka gummies and buying some baking cups for cupcakes for #2's birthday. The baking cups were 2.19-2.39 (even for the plain white ones), so I decided to hit up Albertsons for some Christmas ones I'd seen on clearance. We paid the .15 tax for the gummies and made it to Albertsons to find the cups for .44/pack, down from 1.79. Yay! I love it when an extra little trip is worth it.

In the end I could have used PAM instead of the cups, which I really should've done I guess but I was afraid of them sticking and then adding to my stress of the party. Sometimes it's worth the .44 to avoid a stress-imposed breakdown.

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