Saturday, January 23, 2010


A couple days ago the hub told me about a baby shower we would be going to today. Hmm. Didn't plan for that in the budget. So I had to improvise. I've heard about the awesome sales going on online at Sears and Kmart, but the stuff wouldn't get here in time (and nothing I saw really stood out to me, even for .36, which is pretty incredible). So I decided to try to make something from material that I had on hand. I chose these cute booties from a neat little book by Amy Butler called "Little Stiches for Little Ones" (I think), because 1) they wouldn't take a lot of material, 2) they're cute, and 3) they seemed easy enough for even me. I set to work this morning and with the help of my neighbor/friend was able to finish them shortly after the shower (ha!).

This is my 1-yr.-old modeling.

I took them to her house after I'd finished and she and her husband liked them, so I was happy. I even learned that she sews as well, and am excited to share the book with her. It really is a great book and has the cutest things in it.

SO, here's to improvising and creating something from nothing (and saving money on a baby gift and still making it cute!)!

Also, tonight I ran into Walgreens (I've been avoiding it lately. I just like CVS and their ECB program so much better). I had two RRs expiring today and needed to use them up. They had a deal this week for Mac n' Cheese for .59 w/ in ad coupon, and I was going to get 8 and use 2 B3G1, and use my two RRs and pay about 1.50ish. However, when the cashier rang them up she took off $1.69 for each free box, which brought me lower than I was expecting. So I threw in two Snickers and paid .18 OOP. And I still haven't maxed out on our $200 budget for this month (I am getting painfully close, though ;) ).

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  1. Those booties are adorable! They sort of have an Asian flare which I love!