Thursday, January 7, 2010

Staples and Indecision

We drove up to Miami today to pick up my in-laws, and of course I couldn't pass up the chance to hit up some stores they have there. Staples' sale this week is awesome, and I would've been at home moping the whole week had we not had the opportunity to get up there.

So, I went in armed with 2 coupons, .50 and .75, and left with:

2 reams of paper- 10.00
pack of 5 BIC mechanical pencils-1.00
Scotch pop-up tape dispenser-2.99
Pack of Pentel gel pens-3.99

OOP: 16.50 (for some reason the .75 coupon took off 2.24, and I pointed that out but the cashier seemed to think it was fine (score!)), and I'll get 14.98 in rebates, so $1.52 in the end. Oh, and I turned in 3 ink cartridges for $9 staples rewards credit for the next time they have a good sale and we're in town. Suh-weet!

Then we went to Wal-Mart to try to exchange a Christmas gift we received but weren't able to in the end, but I still bought "UP" and 2 AllYou Jan. magazines. Then this morning, being the indecisive person that I am, decided to buy "UP" for 14.99 off Amazon with the free Prime shipping and return the DVD next week, and one of the magazines, since I got a coupon in email today for one for a penny (do you ever return things and buy them again when you find a coupon?). It's like the Murphy's law of couponing: when you decide to buy something you need when it's not on sale, it inevitably goes on sale within the next week. Like when I bought my new coupon binder and dividers a couple weeks ago at Office Max, then the following week they started their 15% off "Fill the Bag" promo. Dang it!! I was sorely tempted (and prepared) to go and buy the same items I'd just bought for 15% off (identical colors and all) and then return them with the old receipt, to get back the difference. I wonder if that promotion is still going on...:)

Tomorrow is Publix day (it would've been today but the $5/50 from Albertsons starts tomorrow ;) ) and I'm a little afraid. With the in-laws here I've had to normalize the menu a bit, and make it not so vegetarian-ish (didn't want to scare them ;) ), and since we've suspended our co-op share for a few weeks we're running low on the produce we haven't grown ourselves. So tomorrow I'll be spending a lot on produce, and other things. It'll be okay, I just have to keep telling myself :).

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  1. Ms Erin I love it. Love everything about it! Can you imagine if every american had this same goal? Our country would be rockin'! I used to be completely involved in the coupon game-searching for the best deals, going from store to store only buying sale items, BUT since moving away from my "couponing gals" I've majorly slacked off. I needed you to pump my back up! Thanks! I'm so excited to keep reading about your amazing finds!